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Parameter Non Roasted Korma Roasted Korma

Guar Churi
Moisture Max 10.00 % Max 6.00% Max 8%
Ash Max 5.00% Max 3.00% Max 6%
Protein 48% - 52% 57.00% - 62.00% 38% - 42%
Fat Min 6.00 % Min 6.00% Min 6%
Fiber Max 8.00% Max 7.00% Max 8%
Silica Max 1.00% Max 1.00% Max 1%


Guar Korma/Churi is our best selling product and extremely popular since years. After the split process it is refined and processed, roasted and sterilized with exceptional modern technology at our unit. Guar Korma/Churi has a very high protein value 38- 56%. Guar Korma/Churi has best contents of Albuminoid& Oil. It also contains high fiber ingredients up to 5%.

Guar Korma/Churi is primarily used as an important raw material in the production of animal feeds, especially for cattle, fish, poultry, swine, etc. The processed form of this product is suitable to feed animals and it suits better than the one in unprocessed condition. It helps to fatten cattle in short time period. Before processing it carries a different odor not much pleasant. But in purified condition, it becomes without any foul smell and stays completely consumable.